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Phrasal verbs

Los phrasal verbs muchas veces se forman con verbos irregulares, aquí veremos cuales son los mas comunes y practicaremos con ellos.

  • Break up: romper con alguien, terminar una relación.
  • Break out: escapar
  • Break down: dejar de funcionar.
  • Break in:  entrar en un edificio mediante la fuerza.
  • Break off: parar de hablar de golpe.
  • Bring something in: introducir alguna cosa dentro de algo.
  • Call back: devolver una llamada.
  • Come back: volver.
  • Come in: entrar.
  • Get away: dejar un lugar, escapar.
  • Get to: conseguir
  • Get in: entrar o llegar a un lugar.
  • Get off: dejar un lugar.
  • Get out: dejar una sala o edificio.
  • Give in: darse por vencido, ceder.
  • Go on: continuar
  • Go with: acompañar, ir con, hacer juego con (la ropa).
  • Go out: salir
  • Keep away: mantenerse alejado.
  • Keep on: seguir, continuar haciendo algo.
  • Make up: maquillar
  • Put forward: sugerir, proponer.
  • Put off: posponer.
  • Put on: ganar peso.
  • Put out: apagar un fuego.
  • Run after: perseguir
  • Run away: huir
  • Run out of: quedarse sin algo (papel, agua, sal)
  • Take after: parecerse a alguien.
  • Take off: quitarse la ropa, tomarse (tiempo, “Me tomé un día libre”), cortar (el pelo…).

Después de haber leído la anterior lista, completa los huecos de las siguientes frases con las palabras enumeradas del 1 al 13.

1. Up.   2. Away   3. In   4. Off   5. Out   6. With  7. Back  8. On  9. Out of  10. After  11. Forward  12. To  13. Down

  • If your shirt goes _______ your trousers they look nice together.
  • The thief broke _______ and stole the new TV.
  • When will you come _______ to Spain again?
  • Joey put his theory _______ in class, but it was not accepted
  • The meeting continued up to 8 o’clock but I was able to get _______ at 7.30.
  • Students must give _______ their assignments next week.
  • The police was running _______ somebody suspected of murder
  • The thief closed the door and ran _______.
  • The plane takes _______ at seven, we have plenty of time for a drink.
  • She usually gets _______ by 6 o’clock.
  • Keep _______ from the window, it’s too dangerous to poke out.
  • I need to call Peter _______.
  • I can’t finish printing the document, I ran _______ _______ paper.
  • My car has broken _______.
  • The boss put the meeting _______ because he was ill.
  • I believe that the heart does go _______.
  • I’m not ready yet! I still have to make _______!
  • The Congress brought _______ a new law on foreign trade.
  • I will try to get _______ after lunch.
  • If you meet Mickey you’ll realize that he’s taken _______ his father.
  • Yesterday I saw a movie about a man breaking _______ of prison.
  • I think Mary has put _______ weight since the last time I saw her.
  • She broke_______ from her father and now lives by herself.
  • He managed to get _______ through a window.
  • You have shown great improvement, keep _______ practicing.
  • Today I’m not go _______.
  • I get _______ work very early
  • The girl comes _______ the room without thinking.
  • He started to speak but then broke _______ to answer the phone.
  • There were a lot of firemen trying to put _______ the fire.


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